Tuesday, 23 August 2011

What's New?

Well, its about time we made an update to this thing!  Much has happened to us here at Michique since our little foray across the pond.  France and the Canne Film Festival were such an amazing experience for us and great exposure for our handbags.

Since returning to Canada we've been super busy.  We were the subject of a feature article in Rising Tide magazine.  Michique Handbags were also featured on the television show Canada A.M.  We visited Heidi Petracek on Breakfast Television on a trip to Halifax.  We presented our products at the NSDCC Summer Market in Halifax and we also had a very successful sale event in conjunction with Emerald Isle here in Sydney.

One of the exciting things for us here in the studio lately was the introduction of a new product, the Michique "Slipper".  Many of you have asked us for a wallet to help you accessorize.  The truth is, we were thinking the same thing!  We never liked reaching in to an elegant Michique Handbag to pull out some generic wallet we picked up at a department store.  We wanted something uniquely Michique!  The "Slipper" is an elegant wallet slipped inside a distinctly Michique cover that fits perfectly in your Michique Handbag, and holds your cash, change and cards.

Now of course we are on the verge of introducing our Fall and Winter line up.  A large part of our offerings for this season were inspired by our travels in France and Europe.  You'll also see a nostalgic influence of old Hollywood glam from the '20's sprinkled with a modern twist. Yesterday we had so much fun dressing up model Micheline Jamael at John Ratchford Photographic Studio in North Sydney.  We brought some clothes (and a hat that my daughter Thea picked out at Le Chateau in Sydney) and we picked through John's array of props to create that atmosphere we were looking for.  When Micheline walked out of the dressing room for the first time she looked liked she had walked straight out of the era of Flappers and feather hats!  Watching John Ratchford work is always an awesome experience.  He sets the mood with some perfect background music, and then lets loose and creates art with that energy and vision of his that always gets the job done beyond your expectations!  His images will be featured on our website when we launch the new collections very soon.

Coming up next for us:  we leave in about one week for a very exclusive trade mission to Toronto and Vancouver.  While there, Amazing Canadian Fashion magazine will be dropping by with some models to shoot a double page spread for their publication.  And in only a few short months, in December, Michique Handbags will be featured in Palace Magazine in France, a publication that is offered in luxury hotels and spas.

And if summer ever comes to Cape Breton, we might actually take a beach day, too!

The Purse Ladies.

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Friday, 13 May 2011

Update from Cannes

Wow, France is a busy place!  Since we've arrived we have been enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery and offending the staff at local restaurants with our delightful mix of Acadian and junior highschool french.  We did manage to sneak down to the beach and dip our feet in the water, but it was really cold!  Just like home!  Oh, and it's IMPOSSIBLE to get a taxi here!

So all week we've been smiling our faces off at the DPA Gifting Suite at the Carleton Intercontinental Hotel.  We've already had a chance to talk to a few celebs, like Romanian director Radu Mihaileanu, who is here promoting his new film "The Source".  Angelina Jolie, who will be joined by hubby Brad Pitt next week, is staying in the same hotel, and our CrissCross Sparkle Evening Clutch has been hand delivered to her.  We also had the pleasure of meeting Jason Weinberg, publicist for A-List celebrities like Madonna, Penelope Cruz, Rachel MacAdam, Hilary Swank, Demi Moore and David Caruso, to name a few.  It seems Nathalie DuBois- Sissoko, the Gifting Suite producer, had been inviting Mr. Weinberg to visit her gifting suite for years, and when he finally dropped by without an appointment, Nathalie had just stepped out.  Of course, we showed him some good ol' Cape Breton hospitality and told him to make sure he sent his clients over to see our bags!

We have been so busy meeting with the press!  So far we have talked to the German Press, France 24, The Hollywood Reporter, NRG Press, Screen Magazine London, Paris Press, Australia Press and Huffington Post from New York.  Yesterday we had a great time meeting and being interviewed by Kim Deon from ET Canada.  She was so friendly and gave us lots of positive comments about our Michique Handbags!  She said to look for us to appear on ET Canada tonight, May 13.  She also tweeted this nice pic of us together.

We are looking forward to meeting some more celebs over the next few days.  People like Adrian Brody, Michael Sheen, Rachel MacAdam, Catherine Deneuve and others have all rsvp'd that they will be visiting the DPA Gifting Suite.

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The Purse Ladies!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Our first try!

Well, in an effort to get with this whole interweb thingy, we have decided to try our hand at blogging!  And with our adventure in France underway, it seems like the perfect time to start.  We'll do our best to post some updates and pictures while we are "abroad" ... :o)